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Hot Country Podcast Logo | ©Hot Country PodcastChris McKay is the creator and host of the Hot Country Podcast and brings 30 plus years of major market radio experience to the podcast. His country music radio roots run deep; from his humble beginnings of outlaw country from the 70’s, the pop sounds of the 80’s and Hot Country of the 90’s. When radio was still fun, live and local and most of all, not the commercially corporate radio of today.

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Some of the country stations Chris has been a part of include; KWDJ (Riverside, CA), KDIG & KCKC (San Bernardino, CA), KSTR (Grand Junction, CO) and KOW-FM (San Diego).

Having built close relationships with a handful of the artists of those decades, he has invited them back to share some time together to reflect on the fun of the past and what they’re doing now.

Due to music licensing (ASCAP/BMI), I’m not allowed to include the music in the podcasts.

More information on radio broadcasts and more podcasts coming soon!


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